Set Of 3 19x28cm Canvas Prints

set of 3 small canvas wall art print personalised customised gift

Buy 3 19x28cm canvas prints for a discounted price. Choose any 3 images available as a 1928 canvas or select an image contained in 1 of my larger canvas prints. Be sure to detail your exact requirements for the 3 images required in the order notes and ensure that you provide a telephone number so that I can contact you if I need to query anything.

Set Of 3 19x28cm Canvas

  • each canvas measures 19cm (h) x 28cm (w) x 5cm (d)
  • available as stretched canvas on frame only
  • please provide specific details or the names of each canvas in the order notes


  • 1.3 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 5 working days1