New York

Not your classic skyscraper view. Wines and Liquors! Details of drain covers and guttering! The beholder can tell its New York just by the one shot of the fire escape reflecting the blue skies! The colours, textures and light are unmistakably NYC. There's Italian influence and there's humour. "No Dumping" another popular gift. The City that never sleeps. This was explained to me before I visited but only when I'd lived there a week did I really believe it!

Large 73x40 Statement Pieces

new york interior design canvas wall decor

A focal point on any wall. A busy montage which means every time you see it you’ll find something new that you’ve maybe missed before. A great way to introduce colour, fun and conversation to any room.


Large 73cm x 40cm statement pieces with prices starting from £80

Large 48x40 Canvas

new york wall canvas interior design

These work on their own or as a collection. A snapshot of the city that you love. Memories, the street where you lived, your first gig, first pint, favourite pub or where you found love!


Large 48cm x 40cm pieces with prices starting from £60

Small 19x28cm Canvas

new york small canvas wall decor

These work well as a tryptic, or on their own. Places, words, statements and cheeky phrases. A fun present for the Urban hipster that has everything except may be an original sign for his/her bar or office!


Small 19cm x 28cm canvas with prices starting from £30 or 3 for £80.