About Me - Sarah Mitch

Warrington born, I studied Art in Northwich and Chester before graduating from Brighton University with a degree in printed Textiles.
Now based in Manchester, I have been trading as Mitch Canvas since 2002 and I'm inspired by everything. My work documents changes to cityscapes over time. I am naturally drawn to older buildings but am also fascinated by new. The replacement of brick by glass and steel is something that never ceases to amaze me. I look at colour, texture, graphics and surprise within each shot.

As we race about in our busy daily lives, it’s easy to forget to look around even more so now as our environments are Samsung or IPhone focused.

One of my biggest perks when out and about with my camera is that people will follow my eye to see where or what I'm looking at, particularly fun when I'm photographing a yellow line or a drain cover!!


People seem to like my work because they will see familiar places within a piece, a street name that reminds them of someone or something, a building where they met their partner, happy days as a student. Also I think because of the transfer printing methods I use there is an aged feel almost vintage.