One of my favourite cities, I worked in Paris for two years. I loved nearly every second of it. I was a print designer within a large fashion house, it wasn’t a well-paid job, but it was rich in opportunity. My escape was the city and the surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle and pressure of the catwalk. I’ve been back numerous times, too many to mention. Everything about the city inspires me. The old, the new, the language and, of course, the light. I like the life slightly off the well-worn tourist route. I can happily wander around the side streets for hours camera in hand.


Large 73x40 Statement Pieces

paris interior wall decor photograph canvas

A focal point on any wall. A busy montage which means every time you see it you’ll find something new that you’ve maybe missed before. A great way to introduce colour, fun and conversation to any room.


Large 73cm x 40cm statement pieces with prices starting from £80

Large 48x40 Canvas

paris photograph canvas interior wall decor

These work on their own or as a collection. A snapshot of the city that you love. Memories, the street where you lived, your first gig, first pint, favourite pub or where you found love!


Large 48cm x 40cm pieces with prices starting from £60