(Manchester) Right At The Heart Of Things (4048) - Manchester

manchester city right at the heart of things canvas print wall art

A drain cover found in the road crossing from Manchester Central, formally the GMEX and The Bridgewater Hall. A marvellous phrase!! This canvas is very popular abroad, and currently decorating walls in Australia, Germany, France and Canada. Here I’ve added red to the central city colours, and it includes the very first ever photo I took in Manchester: “No Money or Cigs are left on the premises” The sign was in the window of a café behind Piccadilly station. It appealed to me because it was a polite attempt to deter people from breaking in, but also it was so considered. Five drawing pins hold it up, not just a bit of sticky tape… there are no curly edges, just great details. This is a smart sign - they mean business! I really hope it worked.


(Please note that I cannot be held responsible for anyone knocked over searching for this and please look left and right when crossing and not down!)

Right At The Heart Of Things (4048) Canvas Print


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