Colours Of A City Canvas Wall Print

paris colours of a city photo montage colourful large wall print decor

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Always keen to show the unexpected, I’ve grouped the more colourful elements of Paris together. Paris is a city known for its endless grey Haussmann boulevards. Beautiful but uniform and almost Soviet in their presence. Wrought iron balconies all stand to attention. Grey avenues with polished closed doors in conservative colours, I wanted to give the beholder something a little different …

The brushes and pencils were in a window down a side street away from the hustle and bustle in Sacre Coeur. Clearly an artist’s studio, I loved the fact it was so tidy (unusual within the art world) everything neatly placed in glass jars ready for action. I have focussed on the many signs with a tendency to food and restaurants, the artists brushes and pencils alongside the petits bateaux in the parc. 

Colours Of A City Canvas Print


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